Crazy afternoon in Azerbaijan!

One of the most notable races of this year’s F1 season took place in Baku; a total of three safety cars, a red flag and plenty of crashes/accidents. When Vettel hit Hamilton on purpose, the day got a nasty turn for Ferrari.

Vettel got frustrated by Hamilton because the Mercedes-driver reduced his speed way too early for a corner while a safety car was driving in front of them. This resulted in Vettel driving into the rear of Hamilton’s car. Vettel wasn’t quite happy with this action so he overtook Hamilton and drove into the left side of Hamilton’s car. 

At the end of the race Vettel received a time-penalty for his actions and three penalties on his race licence. He’s just three penalties away before getting suspended. While Räikkönen was driving on the 14th place Vettel was able to finish as fourth.

The first part of the race went pretty well for the German Ferrari driver. He started the race at the fourth place but due a little incident between Räikkönen and Bottas he was able to grab the second place. Räikkönen recovered from the collision drove on the sixth place for a while. But then he couldn’t avoid some spare car parts left on the track of a previous contact which resulted in a flat tyre. 

He had to take a pit stop to fix the problem of the tyre but also to repair the rear side of the car. Because of the red flag the Ferrari crew got the chance to repair the car which meant Räikkönen could resume his race. Although he drove one lap behind the whole group, he was back in the game. Unfortunately he had to retire because the damage of the collision with Bottas was too heavy to continue the race.

It seems nothing good happened for Ferrari in this chaotic race. But that’s not the case, there is actually some good news for Vettel. He’s still in the first place of the championship and scored more points compared to his biggest rival Hamilton. In the constructors championship Mercedes scored more points than Ferrari. The next race will take place in Austria on the Red Bull Racing track.

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