10 Best RC Trucks Reviews 2022

Honestly, no one is too old to be entertained. Obtaining a remote control truck is the best way to enjoy racing and become addicted to this hobby. The market, however, offers various types of trucks that make finding the best one to invest in hard. This post describes in detail what many people opt for that are not worth ignoring.

Monster trucks and monster truck rallies have always been an entertaining spectacle. It is not exciting to see trucks as big as a house mowing down cars in a junkyard. This kind of thing will entertain almost any audience. The problem with these rallies is that they are few and far between, and can be pretty difficult to attend as the events are rare and may not be held in a convenient location. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could recreate an event like this, on a slightly smaller scale?

This is why RC trucks were invented. They are designed to resemble these monster truck rallies on a smaller scale, only you have complete control over the truck. Putting on miniature monster truck rallies in the form of an RC truck is very satisfying and every bit as exciting as a live monster truck rally. RC trucks are also used to achieve emulation of off-road racing. They are built to withstand a lot of impact and travel very fast. These qualities make RC trucks great for anybody who wants to pursue a new, exciting hobby.

10 Best RC Trucks Review 2021

1. Traxxas Revo 3.3: 1/10 Scale 4WD Nitro-Powered Monster Truck

There are very few RC trucks that are faster than the Traxxas Revo. Capable of reaching speeds up to 45 miles per hour and weighing only 10 pounds, it will prove almost unmatched when racing against almost anybody with it. It also handles well, containing a 4 wheel drive that is not impeded by anything around the tires.

A lot of RC trucks do not come with batteries. And if the batteries that they run on can be recharged, it often takes a very long time to charge them. The Revo has solved this kind of problem in some aspects, including batteries as well as a device that charges the batteries. This can save money if you do not necessarily want to upgrade the battery or the charger.

The Revo is nitro powered. That means that unlike most RC trucks, they require fuel. This is something that can get some getting used to if you have not used fuel in an RC truck before. Additionally, the fuel is not included with the truck, so that is another thing to watch for.

Most RC trucks are equipped with a motor that requires a bit of effort to get started. The Revo has a quick start engine that is accessible through the radio transmitter, but it has a habit of overworking the motor on surfaces that are rough. If you plan to use the Revo on tracks where the surface is rough, it would be a good idea to have a pull or a roto start the motor on hand to replace the quick start engine when necessary.


2. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck with 2.4GHz Radio

If you are not interested in racing RC trucks or using them to compete in races with others or anything, the Volcano by Redcat is a very solid choice. It is fairly small at 8 lbs, so it is much safer than some other RC trucks that can produce a lot of impacts. It is also fast, still being able to accelerate to about 20 miles per hour. This can be adjusted down further if necessary.

The Volcano is also very tough. Unless it is rammed into a solid object at full speed, it can withstand all kinds of impact. The tires will not rip if they are met with a rough surface, and hitting surfaces that are not totally solid will not produce any serious or permanent damage. The Volcano is a good RC truck for somebody who is preparing for RC truck racing and does not want to risk losing an RC truck to mistakes made while preparing.

RC trucks are extremely powerful and can drain batteries very quickly. Even though the Volcano comes with a rechargeable battery, it does not last long. Expect it to run for about 10 to 15 minutes before needing to charge the battery again. Because this is probably not long enough, the chances are good that you will want new batteries for the Volcano.

The charger of the Volcano itself is extremely faulty and takes a very long time to charge a battery. There are other batteries and other chargers that work much better with the volcano. The radio that comes with the Volcano is effective in handling, but it also takes eight AA batteries to use, which can be an inconvenience.


3. Traxxas 77076-4 X-Maxx: Brushless RTR Electric Monster Truck

Racing is made easy with the Traxxas X-Maxx RC truck. The stability management system, which utilizes tuning algorithms within the electronic components that are located throughout the truck, ensures that turning and handling is optimal. This is quite rare, as most other RC trucks are not as optimized when it comes to handling.

For its size, the X-Maxx is surprisingly fast and powerful. That is because it uses two batteries to generate a bit more power than most other RC trucks. This is what makes the X-Maxx very effective if you are interested in racing RC trucks. If you are in RC truck racing competitions or something like that, the X-Maxx will be a very good asset.

Because the X-Maxx is extremely powerful, it will be costly to use. While it is a powerful truck that can go really fast and plow through all kinds of things, it takes a lot of battery life to do that. It also uses two batteries that allow it to run for a little under a half-hour before they run out. Also, the batteries are not included, so be prepared to spend money on batteries.

The X-Maxx is extremely powerful and can indeed plow through anything, but the tires are a cause for concern. If it is taken off-road or on any rough surface, the tires run a big risk of ripping and tearing the tires. This is especially the case because the X-Maxx is powerful and fast. It will take a lot of precision to steer an RC truck like this properly without tearing the tires up.


4. Traxxas Stampede 4X4: 1/10 Scale 4wd Monster Truck with TQ 2.4GHz Radio, Black

Most RC trucks are not waterproof. If they encounter any water, there is a very good chance that something could go awry. One of the best things about the Stampede is that it is waterproof, which allows it to truly be all-terrain and all-weather. This is something that very, very few RC trucks have.

The tires on the Stampede are massive and can ride on literally any surface. They are over 2 and a half inches around, and this makes the Stampede’s tires extremely tough. The Stampede is crafted to the point where it can handle itself and perform as well as it needs to. It has a speed control device, a modified motor, a waterproof steering servo, and all kinds of other technology that allow it to perform very well on any surface.

All of these amazing devices that the Stampede uses also make it a very “complicated” RC truck that also makes it prone to be faulty. Anyone who is interested in owning the Stampede will need to understand that there are a lot more parts that it is comprised of than other RC trucks. This means it should be inspected periodically, especially if it is taken on rough courses or terrain.

It is a good thing that the Stampede comes with a charger for the batteries, but Traxxas’ choice for the charger is rather unusual and slightly inconvenient. The charger plugs into the cigarette lighter of a car, which is not really ideal for anybody who is just keeping the Stampede at the house. Also, because it is so powerful, be prepared to buy new batteries over time, as they can lose power even when charged fully.


5. VCANNY Piranha Large Size 1:12 Scale Electric Remote Control Truck

One thing that sets Vcanny’s Piranha RC truck apart from most other RC trucks is the fact that it is extremely versatile. Not only can it ride on all terrains, it is also waterproof as long as the water is not higher than the chassis of the truck.

Another thing that makes this particular RC truck versatile is the remote control itself. The remote control has a lot of settings that make this particular RC truck very easy to handle and adjust when it comes to how fast it can go. And speaking of speed, the Piranha is very, very fast – it can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

The Piranha is extremely powerful and versatile, but all that power and versatility come at a cost. And that cost is battery life. The Piranha lasts about 20 minutes at a time when operating, and unlike a lot of RC trucks, it is not possible to change to a more powerful battery.

Another thing about the Piranha is the controls. While it is true that the controls of the Piranha allow for it to be very easy to handle, they can be complicated. It will take some getting used to all the controls on the remote control, and this can be frustrating if a younger person has it and is just trying to have fun.


6. Click N’ Play Remote Control Car 4WD Off-Road Rock Crawler Vehicle

Click N’ Play is a solid RC truck choice for people with or without an interest in competing in races. It is slightly small which makes it lightweight but very safe. Of course, the style enables it to produce a lot of impacts. The material it is made from provides a strong anti-collision feature. That means the vehicle remains in its original condition even after a long time of use or falling.

This offroad crawler is fast and powerful. It can accelerate up to almost 10kilometres per hour. The speed is adjustable further down if needed. Thanks to its dual motors, you can attain 6.2mph easily.

The oversized tires suit all terrains due to the anti-skid construction. The original construction provides smooth racing even at high speeds. The suspension shocks are high to ensure exceptional stability. This system also protects this truck well if used in any field including grass or sandy lands.

This car is powered with 4AA batteries and its inbuilt transmitter is run by 3AA. Its transmitter is tri-channeled to allow three cars to run at the same time. It uses the 2.4 GHz technology for you to control the radio smoothly without any interference.

Further, it comes in red color. This feature not only adds beauty to its surroundings but also cheers the kid.


  • Well designed
  • Lightweight
  • Safe for kids
  • Durable


  • Batteries are not in the package.
  • Suits 8 and above ages
  • A longer time is needed to charge the battery.

7. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle

For anyone interested in robust craftsmanship and paying a small amount of a penny, then the Maisto RC car kit is a premium choice. Not only does this fulfill your need to get entertained, but the vehicle can also ride powerfully on various terrains. The included 2 motors provide smooth drives even in a rough environment. It can jump and also crawl well on rocks and still retain its original looks.

The tires are designed from a TPE material that provides an impressive ascending ability on uneven areas. Its doors look simple but enhance its general beauty and also opens and closes smoothly. Of course, it is tough enough not unless it rams into another stronger object while at full speeds. This means it is an excellent truck for racing without losing it due to any mistakes.

This model is fast enough and it articulates well on sharp corners. The featured tri-channel system gives three kids an opportunity to use other Maistro cars simultaneously. This is possible since it has two batteries that generate more power for effective functioning. It has 6AA that powers the vehicle and 2AA for its controller.

This masterpiece has bright color options to choose from. It enhances the beauty and also adds kids’ interest while playing.


  • Withstands all impacts.
  • Rock crawling capability
  • Realistic features
  • Looks fantastic.


  • No remote controls
  • Batteries get drained fast
  • Expensive

8. Team Redcat TR-MT10E 1/10 Scale Remote Control Monster Truck

Talking about worthwhile RC vehicles, the Team RedCat monster comes in handy. Unlike other trucks, this model is unique since it is fully equipped and ready to operate. The polycarbonate body makes it look great.

The included wheels are nice as made from a soft compound.  Although it has a sticky feel, it runs well on any field, either dirt or grass.  While on use, the tires grip well to prevent traction without the truck rolling.

The front and rear suspensions included are totally adjustable. It is easy to tune it as per your driving needs and conditions. Of course, the parts are made from thick materials making it more durable. The car has an ESC Hobbywing that makes it be waterproof.  Even if it runs in the rain, mud, snow, and puddles you will not experience a problem.

The truck can take an aggressive turn that brings firm landings on any jump. All thanks to the included interchangeable parts to allow you to customize as you need. The brushless motor provides a good amount of power for this truck.  Also, the Savox waterproof servo is heavy-duty. The case has a 2.4Ghz receiver which is attached inside. The good news is that in case anything breaks down, you can replace it without any hassle.


  • Durable
  • Offers good power
  • Easy to replace faulty parts
  • Waterproof


  • No charger of LIPO battery included.
  • Costly
  • Some parts become faulty easily

9. Traxxas 1/10 Slash 4X4 Brushless Short Course Truck (Platinum Edition)

The Traxxas Slash 4×4 truly describes what a winning RC truck means. The majority of such vehicles are not designed to be waterproof. That means whenever it encounters water, the chances of some part becoming awry is high. The best thing about this model is the waterproof feature that makes it an all-weather and all-terrain car.

Speaking of design, this model has a transparent polycarbonate body. This truck is tick because it has high-quality parts that are invincible. By far, when something becomes faulty you can easily replace and return it to its original form. the performance is refined due to the unique LCG chassis.

The featured 4WD and brushless power make the chassis not bend with any load or even a hard acceleration. The integrated electronics such as powertrain and suspension provides essential rigidity. This lowered design intensely improves corner stability and speed despite where you are racing.

The reality is that higher speeds force the suspensions to work extremely hard. So the Platinum version comes with hard-anodized GTR shocks. It has shafts coated with titanium nitride for smooth checks after every lap. You can choose your transmitter, battery, receiver, charger ad paintwork that is provided separately.


  • Fast and fun
  • Very powerful
  • Well priced considering the included parts
  • Durable


  • Tires not fit to run in high speeds
  • Speakers reduce the battery life
  • Heavier

10. Hosim Large Size 1:10 Scale High-Speed 46km/h 4WD 2.4Ghz Remote Control Truck 9125

The Maisto is listed mog the best RC trucks since it is designed for off-road use. Known as a Rock Crawler, it features dual motors to allow it to provide the needed power. Indeed, users who invest in this achieve guaranteed high-quality speed performance, up to 46kph. It runs in many terrains and tackles the hard tasks and obstacles that other RC cars cannot.

Further to that the featured front and rear suspensions make driving experiences much better. With this control is completely easy as the amount required is available to entertain you fully. The car is lightweight, 39lbs and 12.5″ long and a low gearing design that adds to excellent offroad operation.

Another interesting aspect is its Tri-channel transmitter. The remote control is included to enable you to ride and not interfere with other controllers from the same brand. So, many people can use their cars in the same group and time. This toy is therefore perfect to gift several kids, especially during Christmas to avoid messing up with their experiences.

The 4WD has an aggressive tread that allows for a strong grip on the road. The wheels are made from materials that give balance in case it unexpectedly drop or become unstable on the ground. The material used also makes you enjoy the car for an extended time.


  • Powerful
  • High quality
  • Decent brand
  • Make the elderly have a kid-like feeling.


  • Batteries not in the package
  • Expensive
  • Recommended for older ages, above 14.

Finally, RC trucks are an entertaining show for any audience. It is therefore good if you can recreate such a feeling on a smaller scale. The mainstream options above vary in price, body designs, and generally the time of existence. However, investing in any of the above is excellent for every bud.

Things to Consider for Buying Best rc Truck

The first thing that should be considered in an RC truck is how it is powered. Most RC trucks use batteries, but some of them can be rechargeable. When it comes to RC trucks that operate on batteries that cannot be charged, pay special attention to how many batteries it needs and how much these batteries cost.

RC trucks are designed to be a smaller-scale version of monster trucks that also travel very fast. With many of them weighing upwards of 20 lbs, they are built to produce a lot of impacts when the user rams them into things. One major thing that should be considered is what kind of person you are getting the RC truck for.

If you are getting an RC truck for somebody younger who may be more reckless, you might want to consider getting a truck that is not as powerful. Some RC trucks are designed for racing and are not typically designed to be toys. Some of them function better as toys rather than being designed for racing. It is very important to make these distinctions.

The tires are the final thing that should be examined when it comes to RC trucks. While some RC trucks can be enjoyed inside, the majority of them are ideal for outside because of their size. Because surfaces outside can contain material that can cut and scrape, it is possible that the tires could be damaged. Make sure the tires on the truck can withstand the surfaces that it will interact with the most. Here are the top options to give you an easy selection.


RC trucks are much different than smaller remote control cars. While the concept of these two things is the same in that they are vessels that can be controlled remotely, RC trucks are a lot faster and a lot more powerful.

There are two purposes for RC trucks. The first is as an upgrade of sorts to a smaller RC car. RC cars are great, but they are small and oftentimes cannot travel on rougher surfaces. An RC truck can do these things, are bigger, and are not as delicate.

The second purpose for an RC truck is for older people as a hobby. It is very common for RC truck races and other contests to occur, and having a powerful RC truck will make sure that you are having a good time and performing well if the contest is competitive and serious in nature.

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