Best RC Rock Crawler for Beginners

Remote Controlled cars are definitely fun, but we all have our own preferences and playing with the common RC toy cars can get boring at times. If you’re someone like me, who prefer outside adventures – rocks, dirt and the sun, ock Crawlers are a lot more fun and exciting.

These bad boys can handle uneven surfaces and rocky terrain. Shifting from the norm? Simply a beginner? Doesn’t matter. We’re here to help you pick the best RC rock crawler to conquer the outside world.

10 Top Best RC Rock Crawler Reviews: Our Cool Picks

#1 Exceed RC MaxStone Rock Crawler

The Exceed RC MaxStone is one crawler with a plethora of features that make it earn approval. With a 1/10th scale, it is fit for use by kids, or beginner drivers, or anyone who wants to improve the rock crawling skills. It has excellent looks, crawls well, and is undoubtedly the best product you can find at the set price point.

While a lot is expected from this product, regarding speed, it runs amazingly. It can crawl over any obstacle in its way thanks to the included powerful motor. The torque produced leaves this Maxstone steady enough while on different environments.

The Maxstone smoothly runs over rough terrains because it is fitted out with all the necessary features for crawling. The incorporated multilink suspensions grips very well for effective functionality. Its wheels are large enough in width that promises maximum traction. The embodied components bring real rock crawler fun. All its electronics are fit for all-weather use.

This pick guarantees durability with no compromise on high-performance. Exceed sets its superiority in all features of jeep manufacturing. So it is no longer surprising that it is recommended for eight-year-old kids and above.


  • Good priced
  • Standard quality
  • Durable protection for other parts


  • Very slow
  • Poor battery life
  • Hard to source replacement parts

#2 Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

The Redcat Racing Everest is known to be very versatile in the rock crawler sector. Equipped with aluminum-coated shocks filled with oil and double high-torque motors, it keeps moving even on harsh terrains.

The ready to run batteries are positioned well to provide the necessary balance. This has low weight so does not affect the crawler’s position. Its transmission system has four-wheel steering with a forward and reverse ability.

The combination of components provides very steady driving experiences. Even beginner users will be impressed by the way it crawls while using it.

The manufacturer created this premier crawler option by making its height easily adjustable. With its upgrade features its performance will never disappoint for the price. Besides, it is entirely waterproof so you do not have to be frightened with the rainy seasons. The fun will continue, as usual, thanks to its rechargeable and backup batteries.

To remove any concerns about the parts being severely affected by knocking and impact, all its parts are made inside the casing. Of course, the exterior is very reliable for its crawling ability.


  • Excellent features.
  • Powerful motors.
  • Easy to upgrade.


  • Not reliable without upgrade
  • Breaks easily
  • Repair parts not readily available

#3 Exceed RC 1/8 scale 6×6 MadTorque Crawler

The Exceed RC MadTorque Crawler is a top edge model with excellent features like the ones equipped in real crawlers. Built with an advanced design, it easily crawls on many types of environments. The whole unit features Truck/Wecker/Hammer style on the body. Of course, as a get-go crawling machine you will find much time watching it go.

The featured multi-link suspension provides all the four wheels a tremendous and smooth grip. With a centrally attached 3-gear system, it gets enough torque every time. This means it effortlessly overcomes the obstacles it meets on the way.

Its shocks are super long and nitride-coated to provide varied articulation. The transmission keeps the motor’s weight very low to maintain the crawler’s CG. Besides all the included features are stiff and lightweight for balance. This perhaps is why it is believed to be worth the price

The advanced styling goes further to the tires. All are patterned in a way that while crawling you get the best hold and balance. This 6×6 vehicle flexes easily nearly on any weather. Thanks to the waterproof electronics, it still performs excellently in the rains.


  • Amazing design
  • All-inclusive features
  • Tackles all terrains


  • Slow so not good for racing
  • Heavy
  • Breaks easily

#4 RGT RC Crawlers 1/24 Scale

If you need a new adventure vehicle, then RGT RC Crawler will fit your toy box. With great styling, it will definitely look like you are playing an advanced game. At its price range, it perfectly suits kids, beginners, and crawler drivers working on a tight budget.

Although it is small, with a 1/24 scale, the performance is something that will not disappoint you. It runs on the go thanks to its well-positioned features that are similar to what the larger counterparts offer. Its multilink suspension ensures it securely holds the surface. That means it cannot topple or even lose balance when crawling.

This petite model truck works great for moving around to the garage, kitchen, bathroom or garden. It has proportional electronics and steering systems to enable you to control while tackling hills. The LiPo battery suits this classic vehicle design as it makes you have uninterrupted crawling time.

Covering this vehicle is a typical old-style truck body with a shaped roll bar. Its tires are extremely aggressive to keep it glued on the tracks even in corners. Also, when the sun sets, the fun continues due to the lights from the fitted LED lamps on the bumpers.


  • Great for kids and beginner crawlers
  • Good speed
  • All-inclusive package


  • Not good for extremely tough terrain
  • Not waterproof
  • Not durable

#5 DANCHEE RidgeRock Electric Rock Crawler

Searching for a small-sized crawler that is already assembled for kids? Here it is, DANCHEE RidgeRock is a standard vehicle that will not sacrifice its quality. The features are pretty capable of offering enough ways to attack and overcome obstacles.  It can go over various courses and even better rough terrains, helped by the strong brushed motor.

With a High-speed control system, it is built to provide lasting performance and continued crawling hobby. The standard in all its parts means that you can enjoy driving full when you adjust as desired and then crawl. Its internal components are enclosed with a lightweight chassis. The material ensures it does not lose balance and fall off the track.

Never hesitate to crawl and bash, this vehicle will certainly burst its excellence if you rightly bring it to functioning. With the included satisfactorily long-lasting and rechargeable batteries, coupled with a durable servo, this vehicle will triumph over many obstacles and environments.

Without overlooking some features, its aluminum shocks provide enough stability. The realistic body design brings the best out of this entertaining performer.


  • High-speed.
  • Heavy-duty.
  • Fully-equipped with powerful parts.


  • Parts sometimes easily breakable.
  • Toy-grade performance level.
  • Recommended for a particular age

#6 Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco

In case you want a very powerful crawler then considering something quite expensive is worth it. of course, the most promising Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco is available in the market just for you.

This vehicle is extremely detailed with the real Ford Bronco components like chrome wheels and bumpers, wipers, side mirrors, grill, among others. The color options red and sunshine make the model look great and enhance its functional accessories.

This C jeep features advanced portal axles that offer expansive ground clearance, thorough and precise controls. The design is to ensure you experience a superb rock crawling moments.

Its motor is powerful enough, producing 21T to keep it going the whole time with a sturdy grip. What is more, all its electronics are waterproof to withstand extremely harsh environments.

The high-quality rock racer is very durable with aggressive bead-lock tires to reduce twists and imbalance. The differentials run the low/high range transmission system remotely. It comes with completely all the elements you need to begin crawling, such as a controller and LiPo battery.


  • Very powerful
  • Extremely durable
  • Well designed


  • Battery bought separately
  • Not fit for beginners
  • Costly for average consumers

#7 Redcat Racing Everest GEN7 Sport

When looking for the best way to start out your outings, then you need the Redcat Racing Everest GEN7. Created with a realtime body design, the model is large enough to suit the desired overall appearance. The material used looks thin but it guarantees durability and ability to survive many rollovers.

A firm base is all you need while on the road, the rocks, or anywhere. This truck has a chassis that creates the foundation that is flat. It is solid to provide an immediate feeling of pleasure. At the base, there are four adjustable shocks that are oil-filled, aluminum-capped and plastic-bodied.

As it is with brushed motors, the featured 550-size motor works well. Producing enough torque and full speed, the power helps to overcome any obstacles. Its tires and wheels work extremely well in different environments, and also look amazing.

It features another important piece, the controller as a physical link to the truck. The handles feel pleasant while holding and its steering provides sufficient grips without slippage. With that said, you will notice this truck proves to have excellent durability.


  • Good money value
  • Performs well
  • Excellent design


  • Steering can hinder turning performance
  • Very fragile
  • Recommended for pros

#8 Traxxas 1/10 Scale TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler

Whether you want to become a legendary crawler or keep the hobby, the thoroughly detailed TRX-4 Scale and Trail truck will do you good. With the real Defender body, its design is exciting for a reliable four-wheel experience. It comes with a set of components to provide readiness for fun, versatility and functionality.

The featured rugged bumpers deliver enough clearance and protection off-road obstacles. Equipped with a game-changing axle the truck lifts at its wheels well to avoid getting stuck ad torque twist.

The wheels also are huge enough to straddle over boulders easily as you take the right path. The parts are geometrically positioned to reduce strain on the suspension link while also providing less dragging against the rocks.

The frame is crafted from heavy-duty material to create a firm backbone that allows the parts to work as expected. Traxxas provides versatility in terms of relaxed driving, smooth turning, and superior handling speeds.

This crawler adapts to any condition or driving style, all thanks to the innovative design. It is fully waterproof so you can freely tackle snow, creeks, and mud.


  • Waterproof
  • Innovative design
  • Very versatile


  • Batteries not included
  • Overpriced
  • Some parts break easily

#9 Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rock Crawler

Do you need a crawler with supreme trail-ability and stunning looks? Then Axial Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is the perfect example of that combination. This wildly popular vehicle has proven fit in this class because it includes matchless features.

The top performer truck has credibly molded detailed parts that contribute to its stylish looks and functionality. It tucks away elevated axles for maximum clearance while crawling in any environment. This also ensures you get a uniformly balanced speed through the trailing time.

Its brushed motor is powerful with a worry-free structure allowing for a long time of use. Being an RC means ease of operation. Yes, you do not need to tune, fuel, and produce exhaust noise. Simply, plug the battery and go! Whether you are a beginner crawler or an enthusiast honing the skills this is a must-buy item.

The highly compact transmission enables you to adjust the wide gearing choices. Generally, the truck can attain an excellent racing speed or an average crawling speed. SCX10 is coupled with everything you need in an RC truck to scale rocks and even boulders without struggles.


  • Perfect RC enthusiasts
  • Fast crawler
  • Excellent design


  • Plastic components could be rougher
  • Batteries purchased separately
  • Costly

#10 VATERRA 1/10 1972 Chevrolet K10 Pickup Ascender

If you are a great off-road fan, one best way to show your level of devotion is to consider incredible scale leisure of the modified, 1972 K10 truck. Vaterra Ascender is built with a proven specification with a ready competition and functional features.

This four-wheeler is engineered based on the real chassis for extreme environments. The truck comes fully assembled and fitted out with waterproof electronics. That means you get to drive anywhere without the worry of water damaging the components.

The truck has a steel frame and four wheelbase sizes marked precisely. This enables you to adjust the crawling wheel easily. With a single-speed gear transmission, the truck effortlessly climbs steep slopes and rocky terrains. If you want different speed and drive performance then you can upgrade to the two-speed gear system.

Its realistic suspension is accompanied by licensed Interco modeled tires. Similar to the full-sized Chev versions, the tread pattern offers an excellent grip. The powerful motor provides all the necessary torque for muscling over rocks and get through mud without getting stuck.


  • Excellent looks
  • Easy to customize
  • Good all-inclusive features


  • Battery not included
  • Overpriced for average consumers
  • Hard to upgrade internal elements

What to Consider When Buying RC Rock Crawlers?

Something that you should consider right from the start is that, customizing and playing with RC vehicles is quite a lucrative hobby – it could get quite expensive.

If you plan to enter competitions, you will need to incur costs to make your model competitive. If you’re prepared and plan your upgrades carefully, it will be worth it in the end. Additional considerations to make before buying:

  • Do you prefer RTR units or do you like personalization?
  • Do you like Electric units or Nitro/Gas powered units?
  • What size and scale do you prefer?

We’ve also written down a list and put in some reviews below to help you choose the best RC crawler for you. We’ve chosen RTR (Read-to-Run) crawlers and considered their upgradability, so you can select the best motor, tires, shocks – basically all parts that can be replaced and improved.

Nitro/Gas Powered RC Rock Crawlers

These crawlers might take some learning curve to fully enjoy. They run through fuel which is specially formulated. They are generally a lot faster and have more power compared to battery-powered or an electric RC.

They can also run longer than electric types and they are easily refueled. You might run into some small issues your first time running these but they’re fast and fun once you get the hang of it.

However, in exchange for raw power, their engines are quite noisy and might not appeal to everyone. Remember to consider the area where you would be running your crawler. There’s also a bit of smoke when you run them so make sure you run them outdoors.


  • Generally More Fun to Drive
  • Cheaper Maintenance
  • Faster & More Powerful


  • Not Beginner Friendly
  • Somewhat High Maintenance
  • Noisy Engine (a ‘Pro’ if you ask me)

Electric RC Rock Crawlers

These models tend to be quieter and have less power, but are generally beginner friendly. I wouldn’t say they have less speed compared to nitro/gas ones, since there are quite a lot of fast electric RC crawlers out there.

Additionally, RC kits are now highly customizable and readily available, you can replace different accessories to find our optimum setup.

A main disadvantage of these models is the battery life since they tend to drain out quickly. You might need to bring with you spare batteries for continued exploration, otherwise it’s simply a bummer.

Other than that, these are good all-around models you can run just about anywhere. Good for beginners, no smoke and not a lot of engine noise to annoy people around you.


  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Some Models are Waterproof
  • All Around and Budget Friendly


  • Accessories can be expensive
  • Batteries can be costly
  • Annoying if chargers aren’t included

Build it Yourself vs RTR Units

You should also know that you actually have the option to build and customize your own RC rock crawler or simply buy an RTR (Ready-to-Run) model.

RTR units are, as the name suggests, models that are good to go once you open the box they come with. Place in the batteries, pick a place to run your crawler and you’re good

On the other hand, building and customizing your crawler will take a lot of dedication, focus and time. The sheer effort put into this process is what makes the RTR models somewhat preferable. Although, it really is more fun to construct and customize your own unit, plus you’ll learn more on how your crawler functions.

The payoff once you complete your very own customized unit, is an optimized model suited to your style. This also means you can easily repair or replace any part of your unit once any of them malfunctions.


We have recommended these models since we think they are the best RC crawlers within their respective price ranges. They are all equipped with the features you would want in your crawler. You now have some solid information in buying your RC crawler, it’ll be a lot easier for you to pick one that suits your style.

Always remember though that there are still a lot more out there, take your time to research and find the perfect unit for you.

RC Crawlers are definitely a lot fun, but may not be really your style? We’ve reviewed some of the best RC Trucks and best RC Drift Cars that may well be just for you.

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