20 Hobby RC Airplanes Reviews

The lightweight and durable shock-resistant materials that have been used to construct these best remote control airplanes will give your kid the most durable services. They have better ant-interference ability, faster reaction speed and least power consumption.

They have sturdy construction and high flexibility, and they’re not easy to be broken. Make your kids have something they can spend their time with without getting bored. These are the best remote control airplane that your kid should be operating come this Easter holiday. Order your choice right away while the stock lasts.

List of the best Hobby RC Airplanes

HobbyZone Delta Ray

The intuitive SAFE technology provides four modes to give new pilots the ultimate progressive learning practice. If you lose control of the airplane and panic mode, you can return the aircraft to stable, level flight with the push of a button! Beginner and intermediate modes provide support for new pilots by limiting the roll and pitch of the airplane, keeping you in control at all times!

UMX Radian BNF

This E-flite UMX Radian is a powered sailplane that packs all the simple fun of the larger ParkZone Radian into a much smaller package that’s an absolute delight to fly. AS3X technology enables a pilot the feeling of flying a much larger glider wonderfully outdoors because of its renowned strength to smooth out the effects of wind and commotion. Its distinctively curved wing presents outstanding lift and impressive glide ratio using three-channel control simplicity.

Great Planes DYF Bird

This remote features wings built up wood that disassembles quickly into three manageable sections for easy transport. It has fuselage and hand laid fiberglass construction. It includes prebuilt sailplane, pushrods, installed pushrod guides, complete hardware package, dark tinted canopy, and decal sheet.

Apprentice S 15e RTF

The safe technology provides spatial awareness and flight envelope protection. It has the ideal beginner’s choice when learning to fly with an instructor. RC is quick and easy to assemble. It features lightweight and durable Z-foam construction and large, easy-access battery compartment. It has wide-stance tricycle landing gear and nose wheel steering for better ground handling.

HobbyZone Duet RTF Airplane

Teach yourself to fly with this Duet RTF trainer! This small RC aircraft will turn your dreams of flight into a reality. Even if you’ve never flown an RC airplane before, you could be flying in no time with Virtual Instructor technology. This HobbyZone exclusive technology makes minor corrections and adjustments to enable you to stay confidently in control while you learn the basics. No other RC model can deliver this experience at such an incredible price.

Great Planes Real Flight

This is the great plane real flight 7.5 upgrade for real flight versions G4 through 7.0. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8. It has improvements to aircraft editor new tabbed dialogs that fit a frame. You can choose from over 130 aircraft and more than 30 flying sites.

HobbyZone 4480 Sports Cub

Fly, swoop and ascend at your pace with the convenient HobbyZone Sports Cub S. This small replica that’s compatible with any Spektrum DX4e transmitter or better. With Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope technology from Horizon Hobby, you can teach yourself to fly in multiple modes and instantly return to steady flight using the Panic Recovery trigger in any flight mode.

Great Planes RealFlight 7.5

This toy has been vastly improved and has held physics with features such as; Sound and Motion Physics, props and wheels blur. It has simulator DVD Interlink Elite Controller Cable for JR and Hitec radios Cable with a micro-plug adapter. This version is Mode two-Left Hand Throttle and Right Hand Elevator, USA Standard compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Super Cub 2.4Ghz RTF

Ready To Fly has complete full three-channel, Elevator, Rudder and Throttle. The plane operates on three channels: one channel operates the elevator, a second channel operates the rudder, and a third channel operates the throttle control with a variable speed control knob. The transmitter can connect to the computer through extra simulator cable and work as a flight simulator or trainer. It features digital proportional standardized radio control system.

Wltoys F949 3Ch RC Airplane

This unit has been designed according to a Cessna-182 real plane, with cool appearance. It has three coreless motors combination and stronger driving power. RC has EPP composite material, high flexibility, excellent recovery, and not easy to break. RC features easy operation making it suitable for beginners and intermediate flight game players. It applies to indoor and outdoor flight, longer remote control distance and has the flying range up to 200m.

Flyzone Calypso Brushless Glider Ready to Fly

If you are a beginner or even experienced glider pilot, you never have to get worried at all because this is the best of them all. It is a product that has been completed 100% and is able to sore the skies with ease. There is no gluing that has been used in making this item and you need a screwdriver to make it ready to move in just less than 30 minutes.

E-flite Extra 260 3D 480 ARF Airplane

The item that has been brought to you here has been well made so that you are able to handle and even control it with ease. Though it is said to be lightweight, it is a strong plane too. Flying it is one of the enjoyable moments and responds well to all your commands and needs, even doing 3D moves is never a hard task for it.

E-Flite UMX Pitts S-1S Airplane BNF Basic EFLU5250

This is a product that has been made and built well. The moment you get it, it is ready to take its first flight with you right out of the box. It has been fitted with AS3X system that is going to make sure that you are provided with an amazing stability all the time. It has been reinforced with carbon fiber for better flying the skies.

Great Planes RealFlight X Radio Controlled Flight Simulator Software

Why do you always have dreams of getting or doing flights when you can have them in the reality world? Never get to worry about flying the real plane when you can’t, just get out there and make your order today and get to fly this machine that is here and you will get all the feelings that a pilot gets. The software used to make it simulates all the real effects of a real plane.

ParkZone Night Vapor RTF Vehicle

This is a product that has been made fitted with pre-installed Multi-colored LED that will give you have that extra fun time when you flying it at night. It has been fitted also with a landing gear that can be removed when you have landed the plane. It has a radio technology on it and that is what will eliminate any interference when you are flying multiple planes.

E-flite UMX Habu S DF180m BNF Airplane

This is a high-speed performance jet that has been made for you to enjoying flying it just anywhere outdoor. It has been made with the best features and is ready to give you unparalleled RC experience when you greatly need to have fun all the time. You will also get a safe flight technology built in it to make sure that you are comfortable on any flight that you take.

FlyZone DHC-2 Beaver Select TXR RC Airplane

This is an airplane that has been made with the ability to give you more fun, more choices and also more ease of usage. That is why you need not miss handling it at all. The wings that it has been given are always a one piece design and have been fitted with functional struts. You can also go ahead and even take off from water, thanks to the floats that it has been fitted with.

E-flite UMX P-47 BL BNF Basic RC Airplane

This is a plane that has been given that ability to give any pilot moving it the best power possible. The shape that it has been given is also revolutionary as it will give the engine fitted on it super performance. This is war-bird that has been made to make sure that war fans are always satisfied on what they always want to experience.

Hobbyzone Champ S+ RTF RC Airplane

You dot have to get worried when you want this plane because it has been made with an innovative landing technology that will make sure that the plane just lands by itself. You will get three flight modes put in it, right from beginner, intermediate, and also the experienced ones. The construction that it has been given is one that is durable.

Hobbyzone Sports Cub S RTF RC Airplane

The kind of plane that you are about to handle is one that has won many awards in the market. It is one device that is friendly to use and operate and comes with the three basic flight modes for use. For the beginners, you will get a better chance of learning how to fly it and when it has gone, you can just return it to have its normal flight with just pulling a trigger.


This is the kind of product that is always there and ready to handle your needs well. By the way, where is your order? We are waiting for it. Do you know that Easter holiday is approaching, and your kid need something to spend his/her time with? They will withstand the use and the abuse your kid will be exposing them to. Consider ordering several of them for your kids.

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