Best Paper Cutter: Reviews and Buying Guide of 2022

Are you on the search for the best paper cutter? Using scissors to achieve the perfect trim can be a tedious process. Having a high-quality product will save you time and give you perfect lines. Most of us like to conduct research before we invest in a product.

With a wide variety of tools on the market, choosing one can be an overwhelming process. After all, the best paper cutter picks can range from expensive, industrial styles to cheap, plastic models. We have listed some of the factors that you should consider, below.

What is a Paper Cutter Trimmer and Why Do You Need One?

Paper cutters are trimmers that you typically see in offices, studios, and classrooms. The primary purpose of these devices is to cut with precision. They come in a wide variety of models, shapes, sizes, and price points. Each style has a ruler either measured in centimeters or inches as well as various paper sizes. Benefits of using a paper cutter include faster cutting, accurate cuts, longevity of use, ease of use, and safe, portable design.

Top 10 Best Paper Cutter Review:

A grand product, and surely deserving of a neat little list o’ top 10 reviews! Read on and find out more about what makes these cutters, (or perhaps trimmers, however you like to call them) so beloved among the folks who are lucky enough to own one! (or maybe even two, who knows)

1. Swingline – Paper Trimmer/Cutter, Guillotine

This paper cutter from Swingline surely means business when it comes to getting the job done. It is affordable and easy to use.

Features and Benefits

First off, the folks at Swingline decided to go with hard plastic as the material of choice for this model. This solution makes it quite lightweight, which is great if you’re planning to carry it to and fro work every day.

Plastic is fairly inexpensive when compared to some other materials, and the price of this particular paper trimming contraption reflects that. Add to that the fact that, even though we’re talking about plastic, this model is pretty sturdy, and it would take some serious abuse to damage it badly enough so that it breaks.

When it comes to actually measuring a bunch of papers using one of these, the deal is quite straightforward. You place the sheet onto the platform, measure it using the grid below, and then cut it up any way you like!

If you need to make multiple cuts on different sides of the paper, you will need to flip it about at least two times, but that’s about as complicated as it can get, really. Other than that, let’s also mention that you can trim up to ten sheets of paper at the same time!


  • Lightweight design- easy to carry about
  • Tough plastic construction
  • Can cut up to ten papers at the same time


  • The handle and the grid misalign over time
  • The latch can become loose after a while

2. X-Acto – Commercial Grade Square Guillotine Trimmer

Built to cut paper and perpetually sharpen itself, this simple working man’s and woman’s guillotine trimmer is a tough paper-handling contraption for a busy clerk or an office worker. (Of course, you can also use it for personal pursuits, so to speak)

Appearance-wise, it kind of looks like an enhanced kitchen cutting board with a bunch of lines printed on top of it. Mind you, though, for this product is not really suitable for serving as a surface on which you’ll cut fruits and vegetables. It may as well be able to perform that duty, as well, but we advise you use it to shape up papers that happen to be too big for their good.

Features and Benefits

Another piece of good news for a potential new owner of one of these ‘new age guillotines’ is that the blade is self-sharpening! So, it’d be safe to say that you won’t really need to do any work at all when it comes to maintenance.


  • Can cut up to 20 sheets in a single go
  • Designed to trim paper sheets, as well as film and photographs
  • Features a tough and durable wooden base


  • The entire thing is fairly heavy (in comparison to some other models)
  • The safety look could have been fit a bit tighter

3. Fiskars – Bypass Trimmer

Featuring a simple build with a high-visibility black ‘n’ orange finish, this paper-cutting solution from the Fiskars Company represents a simple utensil that’s safe to use and requires virtually no maintenance. It’s made out of recycled material, so if you’re an environmentally-conscious sort of bloke or a girl, obtaining one of these utensils will help you kill two birds with one stone.

As simple as this paper trimmer is, though, all the key safety aspects are actually pretty well covered. For example, the rubber feet underneath serve to make the whole board more stable, thus reducing the chance of any possible mishaps.

Features and Benefits

To name a few others of its injury-preventing and paper disfiguring characteristics, there is also a paper clamp as well as a smudge guard, for good measure. The paper clamp will secure the sheet tightly onto the board so that you can cut it without worrying that it will go askew.

As for the smudge guard, it can be a proper lifesaver if you’re clumsy and tend to ruin your valuable papers with coffee, sodas, or God knows what else! Also, it kind of improves the overall appearance of the trimmer itself- makes it look like a high-tech contraption from a sci-fi film.


  • Capable of cutting up to 10 sheets at the same time
  • Comes with a convenient alignment grid
  • Made out of 100% recycled resin


  • Sometimes it may be a bit hard to align the paper perfectly
  • The paper seems to move about as the cutting arm lowers

4. Dahle – 550 Professional Rolling Trimmer

Equipped to the nines with all kinds of parts dedicated to making the paper-cutting ‘n’ trimming task at hand a piece of cake, the Dahle’s Professional Rolling Trimmer mark 550 looks and feels like it belongs on a construction site.

You get your board all divided up into smaller measurable sections so you can orient yourself on it easily, and also, the color scheme looks like a blueprint, which is a nice addition to the overall technical air of this whole contraption.

Features and Benefits

You can see that the designers at Dahle mean business as soon as you take a look at one of their boards. Unlike the majority of the paper cutters you’ll see displayed on the market, this one is actually made out of metal, ensuring longevity and stability on the working surface.

Since cutting a bunch of papers is a ‘discipline’ that can include a wide variety of cutting tasks, this paper cutter comes in 5 different sizes. This means that, whether you’re a clerk who works with letters and envelopes or an engineer in need of a sizeable working surface, purchasing one of these models from Dahle can get the job done for you!

To top it all off, the German designers at Dahle’s are so confident in their products that they even offer limited lifetime warranties on them! So, if you’re worried about the durability and the length of the service of your new paper cutter, you needn’t be if you choose to go with a Dahle model.


  • Features a durable metal base
  • This particular model comes in 5 different sizes
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Fairly heavy due to its robust metal build
  • Pretty expensive (but worth every penny if you can afford it)

5. HFS 17″ Blade A3 New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter – 17″ Commercial Metal Base A3/A4 Trimmer

Considering that some of these paper cutters borrow their names from a means of execution predominantly used in France during a particularly tough historical period of the late 1970s, this HFS heavy-duty model comes as close as it gets to the real deal.

The heaviest part of this bulky utensil would be its massive base- made entirely of steel. The cutting blade itself is also made out of steel, but a slightly different, hardened version of it.

Features and Benefits

The sheer weight of this contraption ensures that you’ll be able to cut through multiple layers of paper with ease, as the lever action will do most of the job for you. To be precise, with one of these heavy-duty machines on your side, you can up to 400 sheets of paper in a single go!

Now, despite its rather complicated looks, the main mechanism of this apparatus really is quite simple, and the entire thing comes preassembled by the manufacturers. So, you can start cutting some unsuspecting paper as soon as you’ve unpacked it! (meaning the paper cutter)


  • Boasts a tough, heavy-duty build
  • Capable of cutting through up to 400 sheets of paper in a single go
  • Comes preassembled; use it straight out of the box


  • Quite expensive thanks to its size and the scope of work it’s capable of doing
  • The safety pin can easily break if you’re not careful around it.

6. HFS – (R) Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter

Assuming the 6th spot on our list of 10, the HFS’s (R) Heavy Duty Paper Cutter is a close relative of the model from a spot above. It features virtually the same construction and the same heavy-duty steel build, only scaled down.

That being said, the main difference between the two would be that the first model handles papers of up to 17 inches, while this one is 12. So, the body and the leaver, while made from the same materials, are somewhat smaller with this model.

Features and Benefits

One of the key properties that this (R) model shares with its ‘older brother’ would be the ability to cut through up to 400 sheets of paper in a single go. The fact that you can do this will surely save you a lot of money in effort in the long run.

Ensuring that you’ll make a perfect cut every time you venture to use one of these cutters is the adjustable paper clamp. Once you’ve decided the dimensions and the exact spot of the cut you’d like to make, simply clamp down the paper (or a bundle of papers or a book, for that matter), and pull the guillotine leaver for instant results!


  • The blade can be easily replaced if necessary
  • This cutter can go through up to 400 pieces of paper at a time
  • Enables you to adjust the dimensions of your cut precisely using the clamp


  • Sometimes, with larger quantities of paper, it doesn’t cut under a perfect 90° angle
  • Still quite heavy (even though this version is a smaller one)

7. Swingline – Rotary Paper Trimmer/Cutter

Representing the Swing line company’s second product on this list, the Rotary Paper Trimmer/Cutter is a simple-to-use, modern-looking apparatus that can help you reshape scores upon scores of papers at a time.

This time around, the Swing line folks have decided to go with more of a heavy-duty solution, as this particular model vastly outperforms its smaller cousin. At its maximum capacity, it can cut through up to 30 papers in a single go, which is three times more than the model occupying the number one spot. (That being said, of course, the prices of these two are significantly different as well)

Features and Benefits

As far as the cutting process itself is in question, you’ll be using the manual clamp to perform some pretty accurate trimmings. Other than that, the alignment grid will help you position the paper so that you can measure it without much hassle, and carry on the desired cut quickly and efficiently.

Also one of the interesting features of this model would be that it comes with a rotary trimmer, rather than a guillotine-style one. This version of the cutter is considerably safer for use, as it the design itself actually conceals the cutting blades, so the possibility of injury is reduced to a minimum.


  • Features a manual clamp for easy and precise operation
  • The rotary trimmer conceals the blade edges for safer use
  • Comes with an alignment grid for precise measurements


  • Quite heavy
  • Can’t really cut anything other than paper (no photographs or films)

8. Carl – Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer

If you’re on the lookout for a durable and precise measuring and cutting contraption for handling paper, this sturdy model from Carl can be an excellent solution for you. It’s got a weighty base made out of metal, ensuring that the delicate task of using blades to cut through paper has cutting-edge precision.

What’s more, this bulky metal groundwork, so to speak, has been thoroughly calibrated and comes with a precise measuring grid. So when you decide to trim some paper and perform other fine adjustments, you won’t have to use any additional rulers or similar gadgets at all!

Features and Benefits

When it comes to the actual cutting part that the Carl folks decided to go for with this model, it’s a special kind of carbide blade, capable of cutting through multiple layers of paper like butter. In fact, the maximum number of sheets you can stack up and cut through would amount to some 36.

The rail system itself is a patented mechanism devised by the Carl folks specifically for this heavy-duty paper trimmer. It comes with a lock enabling you to secure the paper you’re cutting tightly so you won’t have to worry about making a weirdly-shaped slash in your sheet.

In addition to all of this, the manufacturers also issue a limited lifetime warranty on this product, (except for the blades and cutting mats) so you won’t have to worry about any of the parts falling off anytime soon!


  • Features an extra durable carbide blade
  • The patented locking mechanism enables you to secure your papers tightly
  • Can cut through up to 36 papers in a single go


  • Some cuts might come off slightly curved
  • The sheet holder can get in the way sometimes

9. Westcott – TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Boasting a cheeky appearance reminiscent of a bee-keeping platform, this Westcott Trim Air Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer is a sleek and stylish contraption for cutting paper, coming with a few helpful parts, to make this glorious job a tad easier.

If you’ve been wondering about what gives this particular model its trademark look, it would be its base made out of natural wood. Other than the looks, this base also offers stability, as its weight enables you to position it securely on whatever platform you’re working on.

Features and Benefits

First things first, the Westcott’s TrimAir Paper Cutter comes with a mighty blade made out of titanium, ensuring that you’ll be able to go through whatever it is unlucky enough to be positioned underneath it. As for the number of actual sheets, it can handle in a single go, it would amount to about 30.

When it comes to the process of cutting some paper, the deal is quite simple, really. You place a certain number of sheets (it has to be below 30, for the record), then secure it, or them, by placing them carefully towards the corner and then simply cut through it using the guillotine-like leaver!


  • Features a stylish design with an ergonomic handle
  • Comes with an additional safety guard for protection
  • Can cut through 30 papers at a time


  • Doesn’t come with a securing clamp
  • You need to sharpen the blade every now and again

10. Dahle – 18E Vantage Series Paper Cutter

The Dahle’s 18E Vantage Series Paper Cutter combines simple design and high cutting precision, which is pretty much the hallmark of German engineering. (Except the simple design part, really) The board itself is rather chunky, offering up to 18 inches of space for you to perform whatever cutting task you fancy.

Its cutting capacity amounts to some 15 sheets at most, which is plenty considering its size. As for its way of functioning, it’s lever-style, so you’ll have to operate the handle yourself. This may seem like a chore, but it can actually be a pretty pleasurable activity if you look at it the right way!

Features and Benefits

The base of this model is made completely out of metal so you can bet that it won’t ‘erode’ over time or damage easily, no matter how clumsy you are. Also, since metal paper cutters are fairly heavy (when compared to the plastic ones), you can bet that the entire cutting contraption will sit securely on the table. (Or whatever surface you chose to place it on top of)

Also, one of the features that many people take an interest in is the automatic clamp (by automatic, the manufacturers mean- not held by hand). When you’ve placed the paper so that it occupies the desired position, simply use the clamp to apply pressure to the sheets, and make a perfect cut!


  • Comes with a sturdy metal base with a bunch of guidelines
  • Non-skid rubber feet for preventing movement on potentially slippery surfaces
  • Features a convenient clamp for securing your papers tightly


  • The clamp sometimes falls out of line with the blade
  • A bit weighty

Factors You Should Consider When Searching for the Best Paper Cutter

There are many factors that go into the best paper cutters. Some of the factors that you should consider include the size of the paper cutter, whether it has an extendable arm that folds away for storage, a good cutting mechanism, its measurements, whether it has grids on the body, the construction of the cutter base, and online reviews from customers.

Size of the Paper Cutter

We highly recommend investing in a 12 x 12-inch style; these often are chosen as the best paper cutter. Most paper tends to come in these sizes and project measurements work in this range.

Extendable Arm and Folding Capacity for Storage

Some paper cutters use an extendable arm for cutting. Other manufacturers incorporate a folding style in the middle of the 12-inch by 12-inch cutter.

Cutting Mechanism

There are primarily two main types of paper cutters out there, rotary and a v-blade style. Guillotine cutters are long-lasting and have long blades that come down vertically, true to their name. Be careful when you use it because it has a very sharp blade.

The Guillotine Paper Cutter or Trimmer Buying Guide

There are certainly a few things you’ll need to consider when buying a paper cutter.  These considerations make the difference between your complete satisfaction or your utter misery arising from what you finally choose. Furthermore, you’ll save yourself the trouble of returning the item if you made a mistake.

Why You Need it:

The material you intend to cut will determine the type of cutter or trimmer you need. So, whether you need to cut cardboard, paper, foam or other materials there is a different cutter you can choose.

How Often You Will Use it:

If you’re in a business that uses paper cutters every single day then the thing to do is to buy a durable paper cutter. No use opting for a cheap, less durable cutter if you need to use one daily. If your use is not so frequent, then you really don’t need to spend your money on a paper cutter since you can rent or borrow one instead.

How Many Sheets You Need to Cut:

You’ll need a large paper cutter if you intend to cut a whole stack of paper at once. If not, a smaller paper cutter is all you need for cutting single or a couple of sheets of paper. Opt for a guillotine cutter if you’re also cutting thicker sheets of material.

Automatic or Manual Cutters:

For cutting large volumes of paper or documents the automatic paper cutter, run by motors, is the right choice. At least it gets the job done and saves you a whole bunch of time and money. For less intense tasks it’s OK to use the manual paper cutter.

How Easy it is to Carry:

But if you intend to move your paper cutter around a lot you might as well opt for small paper cutters. For a more stable arrangement where you won’t need to carry your cutter around too often, a large guillotine paper cutter is great.

How Safe it is to Use:

For the guillotine type cutter, in particular, you’ll need to consider a few vital safety features. One such feature is the tension spring which is attached to the blade to prevent accidents. You see, with this tension spring in place, your blade won’t fly up suddenly nor will it come down without warning and slice your fingers off!  Another safety feature is the finger guard. Premium quality guillotine paper cutters have a finger guard that runs the entire length of the base of the cutter.

Finger Guard Construction

Some finger guards are made of plastic but you can also find metal finger guards on the market. You’ll also find paper cutters with finger guards on both sides of the blade for extra safety.  In addition, safer guillotines have a blade latch. Though small, the blade latch is what keeps your blade from flying up as well as prevent anyone from cutting themselves accidentally.

Different Types of Paper Cutter Machine


With so many paper cutters to choose from, it’s a good idea to check up on the features that are most suitable for your purposes. You certainly don’t need the hassle of returning a paper cutter you bought by mistake because you didn’t know what they really offer. So, here are a few you could consider.

Photo Cutters:

While you can use most paper cutters as photo trimmers, there are actually cutters that are specially designed for that task. If you’re a photographer who must trim photos routinely, the photo cutter is what you need.  Some models of this contraption are specially designed with built-in lights to allow you to make more accurate cuts.

Economic Paper Cutters:

These you will recognize as you see them. They are the ones with the metal arm and wooden base that you find mainly in schools or churches. These paper cutters are great for the occasional paper cutting task. Actually, you can cut up to ten sheets of paper and not fray the edges.

Arm Cutters:

It’s easy to confuse the arm cutter with the economic paper cutter because they look practically the same (to the untrained eye at least). The difference is that arm cutters are made for frequent use. With an arm cutter, you can slice up to 50 sheets of paper at the same time!

Rotary Paper Cutters:

If you need to do precise cutting then the rotary cutter is the best tool for the job. It is a rounded blade in a cutting head that you slide along a metal bar. This tool is quite easy to use.

Guillotine Cutters:

These are heavy-duty paper cutters capable of cutting through huge stacks of paper at a single swipe. You have a manual style as well as automatic guillotine cutters which are suitable for bigger jobs.

How to Use Paper Cutter Machine

At first sight, the guillotine paper cutter or the arm cutter is quite intimidating. What if you ruin your project and have to buy replacement paper?

Not to worry, we got you covered.

You see, paper cutters are quite easy to use and as long as you follow the instructions. They are safe as well once you make sure to observe the safety features and avoid injury.

So Here are The Steps to Follow when Using Your Paper Cutter

  1. Put your paper cutter on a flat level surface before cutting the paper or material you want to cut.
  2. Check the number of sheets of paper you need to cut. If this is more than what your cutter can handle, separate your paper into manageable piles.
  3. Place your paper on the cutting base so that you can cut it. Depending on the model, the paper cutter can measure the paper automatically or provide rulers or guides so that you can measure the paper you are to cut. (That’s really great for accuracy and precision, folks!) Avoid putting more paper than the manufacturer recommends. This will enable you to cut your paper neatly without fraying the edges.
  4. Cut the paper by bringing the cutting arm with the blade down or moving the blade in place (depending on what type of paper cutter you are using.) With an automatic paper cutter, you can set the machine to maneuver the blade on is own.
  5. Remove the cut paper and any scrap from the machine.
  6. Put another pile on your cutting base and repeat your cutting steps until your paper completes.
  7. For your safety, avoid placing your hands, fingers, and even your clothes near the cutter blade. Also, ensure that you keep the safety mechanism on when you are not using the paper cutter. The arm and economy paper cutters and guillotines usually come with a safety latch to keep the blade in its down position.
  8. When you’re not using your paper trimmer, keep it out of harm’s way. Make sure the blade is safely down and locked to prevent any accidents!

So there you have it! Easy to follow steps for using your paper cutting machine. If you’re using your paper cutter for the first time, it’s a good idea to practice with scrap or recycled paper to get the hang of making accurate and neat cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paper Cutter Or Trimmer :

What Paper Cutter Should I Use?

The type of paper cutter you use is totally dependent on what you are cutting.  Stacks of paper call for the guillotine! Single sheets are usually taken care of by the rotary cutter. If your workload is heavy and you cut paper frequently, a heavy-duty paper cutter is also desirable.

Of course, if you are an occasional user of paper cutters then it does not matter how light or heavy your paper cutter needs to be as long as it gets the job done.  But what about other types of paper trimmers? Could you really rely on them for your purpose?   If you are a photographer looking for accuracy and precision the rotary cutter is your best bet.

What Is the Most Precise Paper Cutter?

If your aim is absolute precision, your best bet is the rotary-style paper trimmer. This highly recommended cutter produces very precise cuts on a few sheets of paper at a time. These cutters are quite accurate and you will be most satisfied with the results from rotary cutters.  For higher volume work, there are also several stack cutter models that are quite accurate.

Their accuracy is possible thanks to the laser lights that help to line up the paper stack exactly where the blade will fall. With this cutter, you can slice through more than 500 sheets of paper at a close 1/64th of an inch!  Makers of arm-type paper trimmers have also improved the precision of their models. So you can get a more accurate cutting result from these machines as well.

What Paper Cutter Should I Use for Scrapbooks?

If you’re an avid scrapbooker, you already know the value of a good paper cutter. This is a big deal if you want to achieve precise and effective cuts. But finding a good paper cutter for your scrapbook is not as simple as you think.  Consider all the cheap alternatives that will fall apart after only a few uses and you see why it’s a good idea to check out the quality cutters that are there for you.

The rotary paper trimmer is by far the most popular for scrapbooking. It’s because they can produce accurate cuts on paper, photos, and other materials. You can get these in any size and quality so make sure to select the one you really want. The arm paper cutter, also called blade cutter, is also used for scrapbooking, but not by as many people who prefer the rotary cutter.

Can I Re-sharpen the Blade on My Paper Cutter?

That depends on what type of paper trimmer you’re using. The guillotine that you use for cutting through large stacks of paper will need its blade re-sharpened whenever it goes dull. But a good idea is to have a spare blade handy just in case you need to avoid any downtime while you get your blade re-sharpened.

The rotary paper trimmer, on the other hand, does not require re-sharpening as the blade can sharpen itself! Eventually, the blade will go dull and you must change it. The arm-style paper cutter will also need re-sharpening but you can also get replacement blades for certain models.

Which Paper Cutter Works the Best for Photographs?

While there are many types of paper cutters on the market, the most popular one is the rotary paper cutter. Their stability and precision are unmatched. They work well for low-volume cutting. If you need a high-volume cutting machine, the guillotine stack paper cutters use a laser to determine where the blade will cut.

So, it is possible to cut well over 500 sheets of paper at once down to 1/64 of an inch. Arm style paper cutters have come a long way over the past few years. When it comes to sheer volume, guillotine cutters win hands down. Stack paper cutters can trim 100 or more sheets of paper with one quick pass of the blade.

Can I Get Replacement Parts for a Paper Cutter?

The best paper cutter models on the market will last you for years to come. With this said, their design elements also allow you to replace a part if needed. Make sure to check the warranty and the manufacturer’s policy for replacing a part. More often than not, this cost will be covered by the company. Call their customer service department, tell them what you need, and you will likely get a free replacement.

What is a Guillotine Paper Cutter?

Guillotine paper cutters, also called stack paper cutters are high-volume machines. Don’t be intimidated by the name; it simply means they are designed to cut through hundreds of sheets of paper at once.

Can You Tell Me What a Rotary Cutter Does?

Picture a blade like a pizza cutter but one that is meant to cut through paper, lamination, and photographs. These type of paper cutters are popular for their precision. The blade typically slides through a bar as it cuts.

What is an Arm Cutter?

Arm cutters are one of the most common types of paper cutters on the market. As the name suggests, they use a cutting arm attached to the sides of the base, which is manually pulled down to cut the paper. These types of paper cutters are commonly seen in schools and classrooms. High-end metal arm constructed cutters are available from several manufacturers like HSM, Dahle, and Kutrimmer.

Are Paper Cutters Safe to Use?

Most paper cutters have built-in safety measures to prevent accidents from happening with use. Guillotine paper cutters should not be used if the safety precaution measures are either broken or not implemented. If you look at the popular models on the market, the main preventative measure to prevent accidents is a plastic shield. Paper cutters are safe to use for adults. Adult supervision is required when paper cutters are being used by a child.

Which is the Best Paper Cutter on the Market?

The answer depends on what you are looking for in a paper cutter. Are you looking for a high volume of paper to cut or a low volume? Do not skimp out on quality products for something that is cheap and not safe to use. When it comes to rotary cutters, Rotatrim is one of the most popular models on the market. For arm cutters, Kutrimmer is very popular. Last but not least, Triumph by Ideal is one of the most popular models purchased.

Why Should I Use a Rotary Paper Cutter Instead of a Traditional Arm Cutter?

Rotary paper cutters are well-known for their precision. Since there is a little movement within the paper trimmer itself, these cutters are great for cutting photographs.

Should It Matter That My Rotary Cutter Has Only One or Two Bars?

The more bars your rotary paper cutter has, the more stable it will be. Rotatrim and other manufacturers use two bars to stabilize the head. Some paper cutters use a straight bar instead of a round one for extra stability.

What Are the Biggest Differences Between Models of Rotary Paper Cutters and Regular Trimmers?

As we previously mentioned, some paper cutters have two bars instead of one. Some rotary paper cutters also come with replaceable cutting heads with a patterned wheel for scrapbooking. Some high-end models have electric motors to help speed up the cutting process.

What is a Self-Sharpening Blade?

If you have looked in the box, some of the best paper cutter models have self-sharpening blades. You might be wondering what this means. The concept is a metal strip at the base of the cutter. The friction between the cutting wheel and the metal strip makes the blade last longer.

Does Every Rotary Cutter Use a Round Blade?

Most rotary paper cutters have a round blade. However, some entry-level paper cutters have a single razor blade style cutting head instead. The single blade is stationary and cuts through the paper while force is applied to the head. What’s the downside of single-blade rotary paper cutters with a round blade? We’ll tell you. They do not cut as straight as a round blade (odd, we know) and as the straight blade becomes dull, it tears the paper.

Is it Difficult to Replace the Head of a Paper Cutter?

Most rotary paper cutters and trimmers are both easy to use and keep operational. If you change out the cutter wheel or remove the cutting head for touch-ups, this keeps the machine working much longer. Generally speaking, this only requires you to remove a few of the screws.

Replacement parts are available for most rotary cutters. We highly recommend replacing parts for your cutter before you resort to purchasing an entirely new product. As we mentioned earlier, many manufacturers have a warranty policy in place to replace any broken parts.

Do Rotary Cutters Only Cut Paper Products?

Low-volume rotary cutters are designed to cut paper only. However, if you invest in a higher-end model, they can also be used to cut fabric, plastic, soft aluminum, and more. Make sure to read through all of the features and product reviews of the cutter.

Final Words on the Best Paper Cutter

All things considered, whether you’re a photographer, an engineer or just a schoolboy or girl working on an incoming project, a proper paper cutter or trimmer can be your best ally in fulfilling the task that lays before you! Hopefully, this article helped you find the best paper cutter model for your needs. We wish you the best of luck with your purchase and cheers!

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